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Vurku can download posts from any public username or hashtag on Instagram! You can also select if you're specifically looking for images or videos and then scrape up to 500 posts at one time!

If you're looking to scrape posts on Instagram, you've come to the right place!

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filter_2 View & Filter Results

After you search for a username or hashtag, Vurku will gather the posts from that search and display them to you. This gives you a quick look at the results by letting you see the image or video, post url, engagement rate, caption, and more! Then once the collection has been gathered, you can sort by:

- Newest posts, oldest posts, highest likes, highest comments
- Specific phrase (i.e. only posts where "iphone" appears in the caption)
- Date Range

If you'd like to run a more custom analysis of the data, you can always dowlnoad the excel file of the posts data (see #3 below) and do custom filtering there!

Also, with Vurku's new "Engagement Statistics" (not shown) you can view a user's average, lowest, and highest engagement thresholds -- as well as see their most used hashtags and people mentioned in their posts!

Vurku is a powerful tool that is helping all sorts of people, from marketers reposting viral content on Instagram to students doing research for their PhD dissertation!

filter_3 Download!

Download a zip file of the images/videos or an excel file that includes the post url, image/video url, caption, like count, comment count, hashtags, mentions used in each post, datetime, and more!
NOTE: The hash is changed automatically when downloading!

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Access Anywhere

Vurku is all online which means you don't have to download any app in order to run it! You also don't need to find your own proxies, we take care of it all for you!


Flat Fee

Don't worry about having enough credits! Vurku has flat monthly pricing with UNLIMITED searches and downloads! Don't get hit with unexpected fees.


Updated Regularly

Vurku is updated on a regular basis to improve performance and add new features. We achieve this through your feedback and suggestions and through our own review and audit. So, keep those comments coming.

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