5/23: Instagram has made some changes which is causing issues in the way Vurku gathers posts. We are currently looking into this issue and hope to have more information by the end of the day. We apologize for the inconvenience. When Instagram changes, Vurku is usually back up and running shortly after.

Custom Instagram Scraping

Vurku is the only tool on the market that can scrape Instagram at scale. Vurku has the ability to gather hundreds of thousands (or more) posts per month depending on your specific need. Since we develop everything in-house, we have complete control over customizing any scraping project to your specific needs.

Let Vurku, LLC handle your project!

We'll gather the requirements and handle everything from scraping, zipping the files, and uploading them to a file sharing platform of your choice. We also have several years of data visualization experience if that is required for your project.

How many post can you scrape?
We've done everything from a few thousand to several hundred thousands of posts. This can be done for everything from PhD dissertations to photo contests, to custom market analysis for Instagram marketing agencies or private companies. We have built this proprietary technology to scrape Instagram and we offer that for almost any use case you can imagine.

NOTE: We refuse to work with anyone looking to scrape posts to use for an unlawful intent. If that's you, please don't bother reaching out.

NOTE: Vurku only scrapes public facing data. It never accesses personal accout information or information that can only be gathered from logging into Instagram accounts.

Or Use our API

If you want complete control of your workflow and have the development team to support it, using our API may be a good option for you.

It's less generally less expensive than having us perform the project ourselvesand allows you to streamline gathering posts with your internal workflows. The only dowside to this route is that you have to have your own developers who can hook into our API.

We've listed only a brief overview of what we can offer here as our projects are 100% customized to your use case. If you're trying to scrape Instagram posts, don't waste hundreds of man-hours (or even thousands sometimes) trying to do it all maunally. Automate your project and/or workflows with Vurku.

Contact us today through our contact submission form or website chat!